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Frequently Asked Interview Questions & Answers, Interview FAQs

Written by Nitin Vats

First of all we need to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. Now during the self introduction part we need to emphasize on our strengths rather then our weakness.

I discussed with a lot of Recruitment Managers on frequently asked interview questions and further listed these questions and answers. Many times I have seen job seekers feeling through interviews as if the interviewer asking the questions out of the pitch. Preparation of these frequently asked interview questions & answers (interview faqs)may be helpful for you to make your interview process in a leading path.

I am writing answers to these interview faqs in my opinion. Request you to develop answers to these frequently asked interview questions in your own words (education, skills and ability). I hope my work and research will help you out to prepare for frequently asked interview questions.

1. Introduce yourself?

It may be easier task for few candidates to give self introduction. Mark my words, for most of the candidates it is very challenging task. First of all we need to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. Now during the self introduction part we need to emphasize on our strengths rather then our weakness.

Include your professional qualities. Like “how you are working on your communication improvement” and stay far away from personal qualities. Tell about your professional associations and memberships. Stay focused at the time of giving your response to frequently asked interview questions.

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2. Why you are looking for a  job? (One of the most frequently asked interview questions)

Since I have seen a lot of candidates giving struggling answers to this question. You should prepare your answers in a professional manner, like: I want to broaden my professional learning. etc. You should eliminate answers like: I want to grow / I want success / I need money, etc. Money is priority for everyone, but we should focus on professional areas.

3.  Why are you leaving your job or Why did you leave your job?

Employed one should share their expectations with new job. For instance: I posses 5 years of experience and worked well coordinated with my team. Now I want to broaden my work area and ready to take challenges of team making and team handling.

If you are unemployed one then state your reason for leaving or unemployment in a positive context. Never include any negative reason in your answer.

 4. What attracts you more about this company?

The interviewer take interest in an answer that indicates your deep interest towards the company. You are not sending out your resume because there is a job opportunity. Provide instances like: I have gone through job profile and afterwards try to showcase importance of company. As a matter of fact, more details about company help you to provide more solid reason.

5. What attracts you more : good salary or good profile?

In addition to the series of frequently asked interview questions this question has very significant value. Moreover it is a tricky logical question, where you need to provide with some logic to the question. Understand that both the salary and profile should be good. Suppose there is a job with high salary package. But job role is not matching to your abilities or interest area. Then very soon you are going to feed up with that job. You need to prepare a balanced answer to show that you are not greedy or needy one. Show that you are deserving one.

6. Why do you want to work here?

A lot of candidates says to the interviewer of not getting a good job or a good company. So in continuation they reply that I thought of applying for this job till they get another good one.

Do you think that its a meaningful reply? You should come up with some positive information / facts about the company. Make that information a base to the interview question: Why do you want to work here? Interviewer want to see your enthusiasm not your negativity!

7. What are your goals?

This interview question relates to your career aspirations not to your personal life. Do not present rough answers, like I want to be an engineer or manager like that.

So, here you need to define your career goals in a projected way. Further you must reply with a well defined goal. Further share flow chart to show interviewer how you are going to meet your goals.

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8. Why should we hire you?

Undoubtedly this question is among the top most interview FAQs. This is the time where you need to show how you are unique as per the company and job position? But do not try to show yourself as a totally different like an alien. Furthermore emphasise your competencies and relate to vacant position. Be a professional with target oriented approach.

9. What makes you different out of this queue of applicants?

First of all you may feel this question similar to the question mentioned above “Why should we hire you”. But its totally different. There maybe some applicants possessing extra rich experience, probably more abilities comparatively. Relate your strengths to the job opening, describe your past experiences that are accordingly to the job you are applying for. Again do not try to prove alien things.

10. What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

You are totally unaware about your co-applicants. As a matter of fact there expertise are almost similar to each other as all are applying for same position. Never provide answers like I can work 18 hours a day / I can work on less salary etc. At this point of time show your professionalism, ability to meet job targets and finally expertise to handle job profile.

11. What are three positive things your last boss would say about you?

Think about your key responsibility areas in your new job. Now present with the any of the event where your boss appraised you for especially relevant achievements. Ultimately use those things which you can define. If you are not able to define it means you are not honest at your part.

Apart from these questions you should be aware of what you should do in interview and what you shouldn’t.

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