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Should You Plan a Career Switch? or A Job For Whole of Your Life

Written by Nitin Vats

As a training and recruitment / executive search firm, periodically we get in touch with job seekers who have planned to change the track by switching their career. Now it is old days story when professionals used to choose their profession to start with and doing the same nature of job for their whole life. Still there are lot many professionals following the same path. In the series of changing trends we can find an increment in the number of young professionals decided to give up with their initial choices they made. These people plan to choose something new for their career. For many professionals either it may be a switch to a new country from their current country or an reconnaissance of an upcoming technology, trend, product or new skills.

“Only secret to success is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

If you have planned to switch the careers, you need to think that would you be able to convince candidate search agency or the recruitment team of the company you are planning for? At this point of time your core responsibility is to showcase to the employer that you have not lost any of your interest, competencies and abilities.

Swapping careers can affect your income that you are withdrawing, working hours, nature of job and even there may be a change in your current location that you are residing with. This is not a cut-short decision that people can take easily. Everyone has their own viewing perspective for some it is easy, but for others it’s not. If you scheduled a career break to learn new things or the new skills, you must be ready to define that how your learning is going to contribute towards the achievement of the organizational goal for the new company.

What exactly the executive search firms look for? Search firms look for the right matched candidate for the right job. If you have made your mind to switch career and you are ready to start with your job hunt, then I suggest you to take an appointment with your prospective employers or job consultants. This appointment will make you to sit in front of the employer or job consultant where you may be able to explain why you took the decision to swap from marketing to code writing(Software Development). You should be able to use your skills and competencies to illustrate how your learning could be resourceful or valuable to a company in position you are hunting for.

Great things are never achieved by one person. They are achieved by a great team. If we become a part of such team we can achieve everything which have not been achieved so far.

Let me explain it with an example, if you voluntarily participated for charity programs where you did a lot of social work by helping, mentoring, counselling at the tribal locations, I am damn sure that you have turned into a person with with better communication with diplomatic approach. And it is the skill set where a lot of people are lacking. May be you were engaged with a project for the housing and development, in this situation you can illustrate how you handled and managed the overall project, how you developed and applied your leadership and team management skills for getting people to enjoy their work together as a perfect team, which successfully achieved the common organizational goal. You can demonstrate with some live job situations where you applied your skills and ability to achieve organizational goals and wrote success stories. It will help recruiting agency to have a better idea of your candidature, what you are, what you did and they will be able to better understand how you may help the company.

Visualizing the success you are looking for

Here our prime motive is not to generate the interest of the recruiter by showing your career swapping.  Our prime motive is to demonstrate why, and what I have learned that could be beneficial for their esteemed clients. Your career switch may give the employer the exact match of the candidature what they were desperately looking for. By using right approaches you may win your new job for which you had a career shift.

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