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Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself

Written by Nitin Vats

Instead, start with “I am and so on”. Include the course details you are pursuing or pursued, no doubt that you have given these details in your resume which is right now in your interviewers hand.

I have been a part of many interview sessions. Interviewer asks for your introduction. It’s part of interview faq’s which I covered in my previous article. You may read it here- Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers. Interviewing authority may ask this question in any form, like: Tell me some thing about yourself, Introduce yourself, give me your introduction, please self introduce or he may ask for your introduction in any other regional words. Many times candidates do well, while due to lack of preparation, some candidates face few hardships and can not speak more than 3 or 4 lines as of their whole introduction. I am writing  this article over best and impressive self introduction tips.

How Interview proceed?

Your interview might proceed in two ways. Either you drive the whole interview process or the interviewer does the same job. Believe me it’s better to be the one who has control rather than being controlled. Below are the detailed self introduction tips that help yo to drive the process.

You should never start your introduction with “Myself so and so”.

Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself-intro

Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself-intro

Reflexive pronouns are used to refer to nouns, used in the sentence earlier. Now you are going to start a fresh sentence, here use of myself is incorrect. Instead, I suggest you to start sentence with “I am and so on”.

Next: Include the course details you are pursuing or pursued, no doubt that you have given these details in your resume which is right now in your interviewers hand.
Incorrect: I am DOING or DONE Master of Business Management from Sharda University.
So what’s correct: I am PURSUING or PURSUED Master of Business Management from Sharda University.
You need to understand you don’t DO your degree. Please have some respect for your degree.

These self introduction tips are really helpful but things are slightly different in telephonic interview process. If you are to face telephonic interview and you are planning to prepare for it this article may be helpful for you: Preparing for Telephonic Round of Interview

Emphasize on your positive qualities.

You need to be prepared with the instances to support your positives, but do not showcase any instances unless you are asked to do so. Therefore, good to mention some of your quality achievements which you want the interviewing authority to take note of.

Quote some rules /  principles you strongly believe in

I will state mine principles in self introduction examples in next paragraphs.

While interviewing you, generally interviewers take 10-14 seconds to scan your resume. They try to find in your resume that you are speaking about. The very same thing happened quite a lot with me. I spoke, “I secured 95% marks in Physics in my senior secondary class” and the same time the interviewer started re-scanning my resume to see that I had already put Physics marks in bold letters.


You have got some work experience or internship, mention it. But before stating that make sure you know your work inside out. I faced an interview and cleared one round of interview only on the basis of my knowledge, expertise that I gained during my internships. And there I made complete use of the available facts that I had prior work experience. I already made it sure to put answer to every question the interviewing authority could think of.

Interviewer starts questioning you right from where you end

Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself

Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself

It’s similar to chess game, you played your move and now your opponent will take his chance based on your moves. Make it sure to end introducing yourself at a point where you feel quite confident in discussing. It helps you to take control of your interview and introduction process.

I published an interested article on what to do in your job interview and what you shouldn’t do. Definitely it will be helpful to prepare for your future interview.

Try to show a learning and positive attitude

I will rate this self introduction tip on the top. It sounds common, but there is a lot of difference. Based on the job profile the interviewer may be willing to know are you arrogant, over-confident or cloistered? I have seen many applicants losing jobs over these traits in the HR round of interview. You should show that actually you are willing to learn.

My introduction

I: Good Afternoon Sir!

Interviewer: Good afternoon. Please have a seat. (I take a seat) So, Nitin, introduce yourself. I started with: I am Nitin Vats. I am pursuing Master of Business Administration from Sharda University (speak your full college name in case you are interviewed out of your college campus. The interviewing person might not know abbreviation).

What Next

I have learning attitude towards my profession and positive attitude towards my life. I possess good management and analytical skills and was able to achieve 95% marks in Physics in Senior Secondary. Being a smart worker I always try to learn and implement methods to achieve maximum output with minimum input. I prefer to do smart work instead of hard work. Having done internship at HCL Infosystems Ltd. and Vodafone Ltd, Where I had initial exposure to the corporate world and find it winsome. I learned quite a lot from my internships. (Here I am stretching the internship topic and telling him to ask some questions from my internships. I am taking a lead and trying to turn interview direction). I like to learn new things.

Try to fit your most relevant information in few words.

Hey… Since this is my introduction, do not try to make it your’s intro. Every one has his own and different story. I came up with my intro based on my qualification, experience and expertise and job profile to which I am applying for. So, I can can speak it with a grate confidence, but you can not do it. So, prepare your intro based on these self introduction tips, in your own words and try to give a flow accordingly and introduce yourself to win the process.

Practice a lot on these self introduction tips to introduce yourself

Learn your ‘self intro’ like a chapter of your most difficult subject (like maths for me). I worked hard and introduced myself in front of the mirror many times, specially before facing the interview. Count on me, you forget everything after you enter the interview room.

Never crack jokes while facing your interview, until or unless 1. you are a good joke cracker or 2. you have given up the battle and lost all hopes of the job. Introducing yourself in interview is an art. Keep all of your sense to introduce yourself and prepare well on the given self introduction tips accordingly.

This does not mean you cannot or not allowed to smile. Instead, you are suggested to make sure to smile once or twice. This simply tells the interviewer that you are able to handle stress.

You should never dismiss your candidature!!

If interviewing authority asks, “Give me a reason to disqualify your candidature or Why should I not select you for this job? ”
What is incorrect: “I am not a good team player” “I do not adjust with others easily” “I am a man with serious ego issues” “Hence I am not a good decision maker, as a result of it could lead to the serious issue in the company”

What is correct: Take a moment to reply this question and look aside for a bit of time… then respond doubtfully to the situation, in a childlike manner, “sir, I do not see any reason to reject my candidature and not to select me. I would not have applied for this job profile, if there were any such reason. If your interviewer still persists to give a reason to reject your profile… then respond maturely and politely, “sir, maybe some of the answers that I gave you in the interview were not good enough to satisfy your questions.” What we did here, we just told him what he already knows. Keep in mind that you are still in the interview process, because you performed as expected in previous rounds.

Don’t forget to work on your communication skills.

In addition to the above, proper grammar usage with good language fluency (words per minute.. make sure you are clear when you speak) can also make very huge impact on the person taking your interview. Probably you might feel futile with some the points I stated above, but count on me, in an interview room each of your action counts.


In conclusion I will try to put topics in short:

  • First of all start with I am so and so.
  • Most noteworthy emphasize on your positive qualities.
  • Quote some rules and rules you follow.
  • Try to show a learning and positive attitude.
  • Communication matters a lot. Therefore work on your communication skills.
  • Finally, practice a lot.

All the best!!!

Since I tried to write every point in this article, so I hope this post Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself helps you to prepare for introduction part of your interview. Prepare well with these Impressive Self Introduction Tips, How to Introduce Yourself for your interview. If you are looking for frequently asked interview faq’s this article maybe helpful for you: Frequently asked interview questions and answers.

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  • Wow what an article on self introduction preparation tips. These tips on preparing for self introduction are really helpful for me.

  • I seen many candidates unable to give their formal introduction properly. If a candidate is not able to explain himself in a professional gesture, what else we can expect from him?
    One need to plan the points, collect thoughts and prepare well. Give self intro to your friends or family members. This practice helped me a lot to build my confidence while I was searching for the job at initial career hunt stage.

  • Confidence plays the main role while giving your introduction in an impressive way. Focus and practice help to build the confidence. Sit in a room and explain to yourself. I do it to build my confidence and it helps in enhancing public speaking skills.
    Thanks for the best self introduction tips I have ever read before.

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  • You are right Nitin it’s an art to introduce yourself in front of others….I use to sit in front of mirror and talk to myself, it helps me to increase my focus and self confidence. I give my introduction to myself by making an eye contact in the mirror. Count on me folks it’s an amazing process for self transformation. I shared it with you because I got benefited. Request you to try once while you prepare your self introduction.

  • Few days back a fresher candidate came for job interview and he was not able to speak even a single word while giving self intro. He did not prepare himself on interview basics. It is expected from the candidate that he introduce himself in an effective manner.

  • Its not an easy task to introduce yourself in an interview or to the public. A lot of preparation is required to introduce yourself. Nitin you guided the article on self introduction tips very well.

  • Self introduction is the main part of the interview process. When interviewee use fillers and ummm.. ahnn.nnn… it sounds very bad.

  • I remember my first interview in Mumbai. Line Manager asked me to introduce myself. It was My first interview and I was speechless, a man with totally blank mind. I tried 3 times but lastly could not express myself. I simply accepted the truth, came back and prepared my self introduction. Learn from your mistakes.

  • Our company develops professional videos from the article contents or the contents provided by the clients. We can develop profession video over self introduction tips. Where we will presenting the tips on introduce yourself. If you are interested and need more details, please revert.

  • Avoid disclosing unwanted details. Like unnecessary family details or the details that are not relevant to your interview process and will have negative impact.

  • Do not take things very seriously. It doesn’t mean that you should not prepare for your self introduction, I mean to say be relaxed and focus on your key points. Prepare your self introduction on these tips. Everything will be fine.

  • You should not take your introduction too lightly in your interview. These are the best tips over self introduction.

  • Introduction is very important part of your interview process. Apart from your interview you should be good in introducing yourself to others. These tips can only guide you, but hard-work and efforts are required from your side.

  • I am Dushiyant Tyagi, pursuing my final semester. Now I am ready for placement process. These self introduction tips are very helpful. Can you recommend me to any employer?

  • Best self intro tips: Your words must be clear, concise, relevant, in a rhythmic flow, confidence, balanced approach and a little smile.

  • Top most point is : practice…practice…practice and do not feel ashamed of your failure… turn your weakness into your biggest strengths.

  • I am providing training over interview, resume and aptitude from long. And I observed that many of the candidates do not work on their self introduction preparation, which is very basic thing in interview process. Count on me guys.. this is the something for which you can say: “First impression is the last impression”.

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